1. Is Bitcoin Really Money?

    Blockchain technology is blossoming as it matures.  The blossoming is scaring the financial sector, because it will cause major disruption.  The world of family financial planning is not exempt from major change on the horizon.  Bitcoin is now a household name, and the most relevant and imminent Blockchain technology that will affect the financial planning industry.  The question most people a…Read More

  2. Why I divorced Phillis | Anonymous guest post

    Anonymous guest post My life has been a pendulum swinging back and forth between good and bad times. Up and down. I didn’t like the “down” part, but I learned a lot. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Phillis was my first girlfriend. She was 10 years older than me. We lived together for almost three years when she decided she to have gastric bypass surgery. The weight started…Read More

  3. Deadbeat mom misses son’s birthday party

    I felt like a deadbeat mom.  The kind of mom they gossip about how she doesn’t have her act together for their kids.  The mom who forgets to pick up her kid from school.  Or she blows her kid’s birthday fund on a binge weekend. The mom who isn’t around for the important stuff that their child will remember when they grow up.  How could she she miss her son’s birthday party? My son turn…Read More

  4. The Thanksgiving Divorce Struggle

    Will it ever get easier? I struggle with holidays.  I never used to.  But after I got divorced, it became a Struggle, with a capital S.   I wish that I could be with my kids for all their vacations and holidays.  But the reality is that every vacation and holiday it is a hassle to coordinate and negotiate with their dad in order to agree upon terms.  We need to agree on when the kids are lea…Read More

  5. Why Short People Make Good Spartans

    I’m 5’2”.  Like Lady Gaga.  She makes it seem more cool than I ever thought it was.  I never liked being short. I have to cuff my jeans, always.  And growing up, people called me “Tiny Tina”, which I didn’t find amusing.  Still to this day, people will say to me,  “boy, you’re really short.”  I feel like stomping on their toes when they say that, so please keep that in min…Read More

  6. Is that 1/2 Mine? 5 Examples that Can Save You Time and Money in Divorce

    Part of my brain shut off during the divorce.  The logical part. Partial brain paralysis, I like to call it. After about 3 years, it started to come back to life.   Thank the Lord.  Unfortunately, there was about a 3 to 4 year period where I did not act logically, due to the partial brain paralysis and all.      In hindsight, we may have been able to come to an agreement in negotiations…Read More

  7. It wasn’t all his fault

    A lady at church asked me last week if I would ever consider getting back together with my ex husband. I saw her intention: to be God’s messenger by trying to right the wrong, correct the error, patch the ugly. Which is what made me realize this: it wasn’t all his fault. I used to believe that it was ALL his fault. The evil troll ruined my life. When I was going through the divorce process, I …Read More

  8. My one year challenge: shameless discussion about the journey of divorce

    My divorce was messy.  It lasted almost 4 years.  Appearing for court, depositions, custody evaluations, and completing interrogatories consumed my time.  But I needed to work.  Or how would I pay for groceries?  And the deposit on an apartment?  I didn’t know which job would fit around my kids schedule, and that would hire me with a 6 year hole in my resume.  I saw the sign on McDonalds …Read More

  9. Are your words fruit or poison?

    There is power in your words.      “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” Proverbs 18:21 (MSG) Positive words can have a wonderful impact on people. But negative words take a toll on you.  It’s easy for me to spot when people speak something negative about themselves.  I often catch them doing it, and correct them.  I speak positive words over the…Read More