1. Three Essential Money Tips for Mothers – Kid Approved

    Becoming a Mother The day my children were born was the best two days of my life.  Pure, eternal love filled my heart for my children. They were a perfect, beautiful gift from God. As tough as labor was, being a parent has only gotten harder after that first day. Mom-Guilt I try my best to be a good mother, but I still have mom-guilt. I may regret not playing more games with my kids, or not being…Read More

  2. Why Estate Planning is Crucial to Your Retirement Plan

    By Christina Lynn   Your Estate Plan Says A Lot About You     Are you a planner?  Are you organized? How well are you prepared for the future?  Do you have safeguards in place for emergencies? Who will take over for you if something happens to you?  Is that plan formalized? What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?   These uncomfortable questions funnel down to one simple ques…Read More

  3. What You Need to Know About Divorce If You Live In One of These States

    Here’s what you need to know about divorce if you live in one of these states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas,  Washington and Wisconsin (and Alaska is opt-in).   Why would you be advised not to  buy another home before your divorce is finalized? Or to hurry up and have that expensive medical procedure done before you file for divorce? These are weird que…Read More

  4. Should Millennials Plan On Social Security Benefits?

    I think the function of the social security administration to collect and distribute retirement, disability, and Medicare benefits should be dissolved and handed over to the individual states. Scandinavian countries are always pointed to, saying, “ Hey look. They  have if figured out, and it runs beautifully. We should model it after them. " I firmly believe that a federal system for health car…Read More

  5. How To Keep the Fox Out Of the Hen House: Why Umbrella Policies Are a Good Thing

    Umbrella Policy Defined   A personal liability umbrella policy (PLUP) is one of those products that the wealthy should appreciate being up-sold on. An umbrella policy can save them from losing their entire net-worth in the worst-case-scenario.   Is It a Hoax?   Wealthy people may feel annoyed that they are constantly being up-sold on products, such as insurance. They may think, " I …Read More

  6. How She Ended Up Penniless in Retirement

    It broke my heart to talk to Susan about her financial situation. She came to me seeking guidance, but unfortunately her choices were limited. I couldn’t give her the magical answer she wanted to hear. The hard truth is that she made serious financial mistakes in her divorce and throughout her working life. Because of these mistakes, she is now exhausted and cash strapped.   Susan is 65 yea…Read More

  7. Why a Roth IRA is a Great Way to Save for your Child’s Education

    Dreaming of your child’s future? Do you want them to have the education you could never afford for yourself? Do you want them to go through college without working three jobs to pay their way? Do you want them to be able to graduate college and not be weighed down with manageable student-loan debt? I dream of my children to attend schools that will set them up on a path of a successful career. …Read More

  8. Is Bitcoin the New Skinny Jeans? Blockchain Revolution!

    Did I miss something?   We here in the Midwest are always late to the party. We don’t start wearing the new trends until they have already waned in popularity on the Coasts. When we ask our Big City friends, What is that app you're using? They give us the stink eye and explain it in elementary language. Clearly telling us by their body language that we are out of touch with what’s going o…Read More

  9. Is Bitcoin Really Money?

        Blockchain technology is blossoming as it matures.  The blossoming is scaring the financial sector because it will cause major disruption.  The world of family financial planning is not exempt from a major change on the horizon.  Bitcoin is now a household name and the most relevant and imminent Blockchain technology that will affect the financial planning industry. The question most peop…Read More