Many parents face the ever-growing challenge of saving for their children’s education, even as resources for scholarships and private and government loans shrink. By setting up a savings plan that addresses your personal income limitations, maximum contributions and tax consequences, we can help you establish funding that works for your family’s educational goals. Comparing a variety of education savings plans, their benefits and any taxes, we work to find that plan that pays out as much as possible without harming your other financial expectations.

By systematically assessing various state college savings plans, we can help find potential opportunities that limit your tax liability and optimize your ability to save. We’ll also find plans that include lower costs and less fees, keeping more of your investment allocated towards your child’s education.

A tax-advantaged savings account, such as a Coverdell Account or ESA, is meant to encourage additional savings for future educational needs by offering tax-free investment growth and withdrawals. A Coverdell ESA can also be used to cover expenses during the K-12 years.

At Lynn Financial LLC, our financial consultants will help you choose the most sensible plan for your family, helping you to avoid the most common mistakes and optimizing your investment. Find out more about differing college savings accounts and how they fit within your overall financial plan by calling for a personal consultation now.