Life is short!  Don’t wait to take your dream vacation until you are retired.
With some careful planning, you can make it happen while you are in the prime of life.

The easiest way to save $5000 for your dream vacation is to put a little money away each month.

TIP: Set up another free checking account, linked to your main checking account.  Set up monthly automatic transfer of around $400 from your main account to your new checking account.  Name the new account “vacation fund”.

Dude.  Who’s got that kind of money laying around?

The main problem why we wouldn’t feel comfortable saving $400/month is because the average person has no idea what is going in and out of their checking account. We just close our eyes and hope our debit card isn’t declined.

TIP: Take an hour to sit down and figure out how much money you have coming in each month, and where it is all going to.  Find where you can cut back.  Calculate how much you can afford to save each month.

Dave Ramsey has a great budgeting tool you can print off online.

Um, I still don’t see where I could come up with that kind of cash.

Yes, it is possible.  But you have to be willing to make some changes.  Is that African Safari worth it?   Yes it is!

Here are some ideas how to save $5000:

1.  Stop going out to eat for a year. Save $200/month

How much of your monthly budget has been going to restaurants and bars?
Fire up the grill and start hosting guests at your house instead.  Tell them to bring the wine.

How much of your monthly budget has been going to eating out during lunch?
Pack a lunch!  I know it sounds nerdy, but just embrace it.  Start joking how you are pinching your pennies for that boat trip down the Amazon River.

2. Cancel your cable bill. Save $100/month

How much do you spend each month on cable?
Cancel it.  Use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Hey now, I need cable to watch football!

Think outside the box!  Try using Playstation Vue to get the Redzone for $34.99/month.

3. Earmark your tax return. $500-5000

Do you get a tax return each year?  Commit that check to your “vacation fund” so you are not tempted to use it to buy a new flat screen TV.

4. Earn some extra money. $500-5000

Part time jobs.  Seasonal jobs.  Your favorite retail store.  Deliver newspapers.

Start planning your dream vacation with Introver Travels for next year.  It is an attainable goal to those of you willing to dig in and make it happen.

Happy travels!


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