elcome to the Lynn Financial Blog! We’re excited to give you some tips and tricks to improve your financial standing in the present, and help you achieve your financial goals in the future. In a world with constantly changing financial rules and regulations, and the ever-growing consumerist temptation to buy new things and spend more money, it can be hard to keep your finances on track and make progress toward your financial goals. However, with the right mindset and some useful advice, you’ll be able to maintain steady financial growth for years to come.

In this blog, we’ll give you the bare bones basics—a 101 class of sorts—to lay the foundation for your financial success.

Start planning early on.

We don’t all have the luxury of being young—but if you’re fresh out of college or just starting out in the professional world, NOW is the time to begin planning your financial future. While you may not have all the answers to life’s burning questions just yet, there are some things that you already know: you want to achieve financial stability and success as you grow older, you want to retire at a reasonable age, and you want to be able to pass down the fruits of your financial labor to future generations. Even if your career path, your love life, or your geographic location changes, these long-term goals will ultimately stay the same.

There’s nothing worse than wondering what could have been—that’s why it’s important to start investing and planning your financial future as early as possible, and making sound financial decisions from the start.

With all of that said, it’s never too late to reach for financial success, either. Whether you’re a recent college grad or a working professional nearing retirement, there’s always time to improve your financial standing for now and the future. That’s what Lynn Financial is all about.

Have realistic financial goals.

While many of us would love to turn our $1500/month base salary into a huge house and a speedboat in five years, that’s probably not a realistic financial goal unless you’re subject to some sort of financial windfall. The most stable and successful financial profiles are based on realistic financial goals and trends, and rely on slow, steady, and dependable financial growth. It isn’t quite as exciting as stumbling upon a financial “pot of gold”—but with a little patience and discipline, slow and steady will eventually win the race, which will help you take on life’s greatest financial challenges and have a comfortable and fruitful retirement.

Lynn Financial focuses on the importance of this slow and steady philosophy. We are not trained to look at the financial world through rose-colored lenses—we’re trained to look at things objectively and realistically so we can better help you with your short and long term goals!

Have long-term and short-term goals.

For true financial success, you must be able see the forest and the trees of the financial world—in other words, you must be able to have short-term as well as long-term financial goals. More importantly, your short-term goals must play a part in the success of your long-term goals, so you can achieve financial security and contentment in all stages of life. It might be difficult to keep your long-term goals at the forefront of your mind with all the distractions of day-to-day life; Conversely, it might be a challenge to maintain the discipline and focus to achieve short-term goals with long-term goals looming over your head. These are struggles that we all face when working to achieve financial goals of all sorts, and it’s because it’s hard to take on the complex world of finances by yourself.

With the Lynn Financial team on your side, you won’t be alone in the pursuit of your financial goals. When you triumph or fall short, Lynn Financial will be there to celebrate your success and help you learn from your failure. It’s the best way to stay financially motivated on a day-to-day basis, and stay focused on the big picture of your finances as well.

Prepare for setbacks.

Changes in the financial landscape can derail your financial progress in a flash. Whether it’s a change in federal financial policy or a family emergency that causes financial strain, life’s unexpected moments can take a toll on your emotions and your wallet. For these tough times, it’s imperative that you are prepared to for worst-case scenarios so you can make it through them gracefully, and continue on your path to financial success.

The Lynn Financial team is always happy to help you take preventative measures to protect your finances, and offer professional advice to help lead you toward the right choices for your financial future. With Lynn Financial, your setbacks won’t set you back—they’ll be tiny bumps on the road to financial success.

Focus on financial discipline.

Sometimes, having financial discipline goes against your own human biology—remember that time you spent 60 bucks on sushi after you just went grocery shopping? Maintaining financial discipline on a day-to-day level might just be the greatest obstacle on your way to financial success because it’s hard to fight the temptations of a consumer world, and even harder to pass up on those temptations in order to strengthen your long-term financial ventures.

We’re all going to slip up and spend 300 dollars at the mall every once in awhile, or go over budget on a vacation with the kids—that’s just a part of living (and enjoying life). What’s really important is learning from those financial slip-ups, and having a plan in place that will get you (and keep you) on the right path for your financial goals.

Trust the professionals.

With Lynn Financial, you have a trusted team to help you plan your financial future and reach your short-term and long-term financial goals—no matter what those goals might be. Whether you’re looking for help budgeting, or hoping to expand your financial profile with IRAs, mutual funds, indexed annuities, or a number of other plans for an easier retirement process, Lynn Financial can help you tailor a financial portfolio that meets your needs and desires.
We’d love to hear from you—start planning your financial future today!