At Lynn Financial, we want our clients to feel as prepared as possible in their investment strategy, retirement planning and decision making. We chose to make a list of great resources to assist you:


Dollar Wise

“DollarWise – Mayors for Financial Literacy is the official financial education initiative of The United States Conference of Mayors and its Council on Metro Economies and the New American City. Since its inception in 2004, mayors and cities across America have made a commitment to increasing access to financial education for their citizens by participating in DollarWise initiatives.


Foundation for Financial Planning

The non-profit foundation for financial planning empowers people to take control over their financial lives. They offer a significant amount of consumer resources and financial planning events.


The United States Department of Labor

The United States Department of Labor offers “Savings Fitness Worksheets” that help people to learn how to manage their financial lives.



The NICEP is one of our nation’s foremost professional educational and support organizations in the area of estate planning.


The Women’s Institute for Financial Education (

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence.


Second Saturday

Second Saturday is a critically acclaimed workshop that offers non-biased financial, emotional and legal advice from qualified local professionals, providing people with the knowledge, support, resources and trust that they need to survive the divorce process and move forward with confidence toward a new life.