There is power in your words.     

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” Proverbs 18:21 (MSG)

Positive words can have a wonderful impact on people. But negative words take a toll on you. 

It’s easy for me to spot when people speak something negative about themselves.  I often catch them doing it, and correct them.  I speak positive words over them instead.

Things will turn around soon.  You have a bright future.

But I didn’t realize I had a problem with negative self talk.  In fact, I thought I was doing rather well in this department because I have the gift of encouragement.  I LOVE to encourage other people.

I didn’t know I needed a dose of my own medicine until my friend pointed it out.  He mentioned he saw a Facebook post I made, talking about how I wouldn’t have a date to an event that was a couple of months out still.  I complained that I would be the only person at the event without a date.  Everyone else would have their spouse at their side.  It’s the curse of the divorcée: being the permanent third wheel.   Cue the depressing music. 

My friend snapped me out of that negative self talk trance. He encouraged me to talk like I would have a fabulous date lined up in time for the event.  Rather than being bummed out that I was going solo.

I agree with him 100%.  By speaking about my future in a way that positions me as an old maid, I was speaking negatively about my future.  Negative words can be poisonous.  I believe in the good words I say over people when I correct their negative self talk.  Therefore, I should do the same for myself. 

Start to notice how you are talking about yourself.  Do you say things like: “Nope, a house isn’t in my future.  I can’t qualify for a loan because my credit was ruined by divorce.” 

Replace that with: “I am working on repairing my credit.  You see that cute house with the red door and white trim?  That house has my name all over it!” 

Hey girl, You got this.

You are going to have an awesome date lined up for that event. 

Because you are an OVERCOMER.